Repair Services

Are you having issues with a computer, laptop, Mac, printer, or other device? Do you have a cracked screen on your laptop or a failing hard drive in your computer?  Is your computer running slow or acting unresponsive? This can be the result of a virus or malware or you may need a general tune-up.  We offer many services to help you fix your device and protect your investment.  Give us a call or come by our office so we can help you with your needs.

  1. PC repair has been a big part of our business for many years. We work on all brands of desktops and all-in-one systems. If you are experiencing any of these issues we can help. Failing Hard Drive, memory and hard drive upgrades, power supply, replacement, operating system repair or reload, virus and malware removal, system tune-ups, and more.
    PC Repair
  2. Laptops are getting as common as desktop computers and just as powerful. If you are in need of getting your laptop repaired look to us for help. Here are some of the most common repairs: Cracked screen, keyboard replacement, hard drive replacement, power jack repair, virus and malware removal, tune-ups, operating system reload and more.
    Laptop Repair
  3. Mac are becoming more common and need support like any other computer system. If you need to have your Mac repaired, operating system upgrade, memory upgrade or a general tune-up lets us help.
    Mac Repair
  4. Do you have a failing or failed hard drive? Need to recover your files, pictures or other critical data? We can offer tier 1 recovery and our national partner can support tier 2 and 3 data recovery. Support for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Azure and more. Also, let us help you with ediscovery, and secure drive disposal.
    Data Recovery
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Don't be a Victim of Ransomware!

ran·som·ware: a type of malware that usually encrypts the data on your
computer and holds it hostage until you pay a ransom.

Learn how you can protect yourself from the ransomware threat

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