AlienVault USM - Compliance Reporting
AlienVault USM helps organizations save time and money achieving
regulatory compliance with audit-ready compliance reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and more. With built-in tools that align directly with
security monitoring compliance requirements, generating relevant
compliance reports to present to auditors becomes easier than ever.
How to Catch Threats Anywhere on Your Network with AlienVault USM
See how AlienVault USM alarms are categorized based on the Kill Chain
Taxonomy to help you catch threats anywhere on your network, not just at the edge.
AlienVault Threat Intelligence - Powered by OTX
AlienVault Threat Intelligence provides automated updates to AlienVault USM for targeted detection of the latest threats. Unlike single-purpose threat intelligence feeds focused on only one security control, AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence delivers multiple coordinated rulesets, fueled by the collective power of the Open Threat Exchange. AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence drives the USM security capabilities in identifying the latest threats, resulting in the broadest view of attacker techniques and effective defenses.
Products Reviews
Product Review

In the latest SIEM/UTM round-up conducted by SC Media, Technology Editor
Peter Stephenson awarded AlienVault USM a 5-star rating, and deemed it
"SC Lab Approved" - their highest designation.
Product Review

In this AlienVault buyer’s guide, you’ll be provided with an overview of
AlienVault’s award winning platform as well as 3rd party reviews of the
technology. We think it is always better to share the opinions of other
users when you’re researching a new technology. So, also included is a
compilation of product reviews from many sources – analysts, editors and
most importantly, users!
Product Review

TrustRadius, an independent research and review firm, gathered
AlienVault reviews from over 80 users of the Unified Security Management
(USM) platform to develop this summary report. This report compiles
in-depth user reviews and ratings of AlienVault USM that were originally
submitted on the TrustRadius website.
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