Hosted Desktop

Our hosted desktop is a solution where we provide the server and desktop infrastructure to run your applications.  This can include a Remote Desktop Server, a Database server such as Microsoft SQL, a Microsoft Exchange Server, a Web Server, a Document Management Server, just to name a few.  Usually the servers and applications are provided but we can also host your applications as well.  We can also provide a full suite of services including maintaining your server such as updates and patches, antivirus and Advanced Malware Protection as well as a managing your users and support needs. This is the most common Cloud offering customers select.

Hosted Apps

A hosted app is usually a single program that is hosted in the Cloud such as an accounting, time keeping, line of business or just about any program or applciation that can be run in a Remote Desktop Environment.  This allows the applications to be accesable from your office, home or anywhere you have Internet access.

Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is a feature rich business class email solution.  Microsoft Exchange integrates with Microsoft Outlook and can provide a better collaboration and document, calendar, contact sharing experience.  Microsoft Exchange can also sync with mail enabled smart phones allowing the user access to their mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks when they are on the go.

Hosted Database

Hosting a database usually requires special hardware and configuration to get the best performance from you applications.  This requires disks and I/O to be configured properly to support the needs of today's relational databases.  In addition, databases usually require special backup needs to backup a running database.  Let us provide a better experience with our hosting solutions.

Document Management System

Information is King in today's data centric world though many companies to not have a solution to manage their documents efficiently.  Often documents are scanned to a folder without any way to search or index them.  Our solutions can help you organize and manage documents form just a few hundred pages to hundreds of thousands of pages. 

Our document management solution can also be used to create work flow processes.  An example is when someone turns in their expense report for the week.  The document can be part of a process that goes to the department manager for review and approval and then to finance for final approval and to process a check.
Let us help you get your documents organized and to efficiently search for the information stored within.

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