1. Managed Services
    An proactive approach to managing your Information Technology infrastructure.
  2. Security as a Service
    Security as a Service is a new approach to outsourcing some or all of the management of the platforms used to secure your network. This can include the firewall, antivirus, vulnerability scanning and more. See how SECaaS can benefit your company.
  3. AlienVault
    AlienVault SIEM Security Information and Event Management
  4. Unified Threat Management
    Unified Threat Management combines various security technologies into a single platform which may include a firewall, anti-virus and advanced malware protection, and intrusion detection and prevention. This can help reduce cost and provide a single management solution.
  5. Network Security
    Today’s networks are more complicated than ever. Older equipment may lack the necessary features to keep you protected from the latest threats. Let us help you manage your network security and provide solutions to protect you from current and emerging threats.
  6. Network Assessment
    The first step to know the state of your network is to do a proper assessment. An assessment will help you identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Let us perform an assessment for you to document the overall structure of your network and to look for ways to better secure your assets.
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